Eduard Spelterini

Amsterdam Capital Balloon Operators of Hope and Wonder
– (“Amsterdamse hoofdstelijke luchtballonvaarders van hoop en verwondering“)

Amsterdam Capital Balloons offers an unusual and rewarding experience to a community of people who wish to see the city of Amsterdam and/or the greater Amsterdam area from a balloon. We expect to make about ten balloon ascents from the city centre of Amsterdam in 2015.

During a balloon flight over Amsterdam you will discover unique panoramas at a few hundred metres in the air! You will certainly  recognize various famous Amsterdam landmarks and monuments. You will embark on an incredible voyage filled with delightful surprises, admire the views from above when you wander through the skies and fly wherever the wind decides to take you. You will be in the expert hands of a passionate pilot and will have the choice between our two balloons that carry not more than 4 passengers that will create a unique and exclusive flying experience for you.

Whether you have flown the skies before, you are a first timer or it is already your passion Amsterdam Capital Balloons guarantees unforgettable memories.

balloon operators of hope & wonder